Organisational Structure
ACePro Limited

ACePro Limited Organisational Chart

ACePro has a structure of core principal members who make up the Board of Directors.
The members are all professionals with experience in several areas. We have associate members who work with us; they are experienced professionals also.

ACePro believes that it is essential to develop alliances, joint ventures and other partnering and collaborative arrangements with like minded organisations,individuals and research institutes, so as to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided to our Clients at all times.

ACePro therefore has associates and affiliated companies, which operate in the field in several countries.

ACePro therefore has the organisational and operational flexibility to undertake projects under a wide range of participatory ventures.

ACePro has a developing database of professionals and associated companies within the UK, Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Africa. These are people with a range of skills who will be willing to work with and for ACePro as the need arises.

ACePro adopts the project management approach to assignments.

ACePro selects and builds its project teams by carefully matching its professional resources against the profile of the client and the requirements of the job. If deemed necessary we would seamlessly integrate personnel into the client's organisation for maximum effectiveness.

Post Implementation Analysis:

An important component of ACePro's services is the post implementation analysis on completion of an assignment as an integral part of an exit strategy.

This joint strategic review identifies follow up actions required and outlines any plans to be executed to underpin the sustainability of the project.

ACePro believes that this will ensure a successful conclusion to every working brief.

ACePro is committed to quality and professionalism.

ACePro Limited, Registered Address: CJO Building, 103 Stoke Newington High Street London N16 8BA
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